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Hello! Welcome to
The Regenerative Road.

I’m excited to share this second chapter of my life with you.


In the first chapter of my life I worked for 32 years in Corporate America in the Consumer Product Goods Industry selling everything from hot dogs to organic oatmeal to various retailers all across the United States. It feels like I’ve almost sold every food item you can find in the grocery store! My adult life, quite literally, has been spent in grocery stores connected with food. 


All this abruptly changed one day when I was flying home from a business trip. I had a stroke driving myself home from the airport and ended up in the hospital instead. I was out of work for a month recovering but when I went back to work I knew I needed to make some real changes. I was unhealthy. I was perpetually exhausted from all the business travel, sleeping (poorly) in hotels, eating out all the time, stressed out with the ever increasing responsibilities, and my life felt flat. But more than all that, I had almost lost my life. Time for a change.


The new door to the second chapter in my life opened up when I started my quest to turn my health around. I was working with a Nutritionist on changing my diet and it just clicked - I want to do what she is doing. 


Today I am a Functional Nutritionist - Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Master Nutrition Therapist and Certified Natural Food Chef trained at Nutritional Therapy Institute in Denver, CO, Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner and Recovery Nutrition Coach. 


Through best in class lab testing, individualized nutrition protocols, and supplementation, I am excited to work with you to regenerate your health and vitality. 

— Kerry

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