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changing bodies, changing lives

this is what I believe

The Second Chapter of Your Life is the Best Chapter of Your Life

○ There is a better way to live life whole-ly and fully built on a foundation of nutrient dense nutrition that is well within your reach.


○ We are not meant to drag through each day exhausted and uncomfortable wondering where our energy and passion for life went.


○ There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ program. Each of us are unique bio-individuals. I utilize functional testing to uncover each individual’s health challenges and craft a personalized protocol to address these challenges, bring healing, and restore health and vitality.



Feeling poorly isn't your destiny.

You can restore your health.

Nutrition can change your health and your life.

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what is functional nutrition?

Functional medicine is a term that gets thrown around alot now and that is really where the title Functional Nutritionist stems from. Functional Nutrition focuses on finding the root cause of a symptom utilizing best in class lab testing, supplementation where applicable, and the power of whole, nutrient dense food to bring healing. 


Each of us are distinct bio-individuals with unique bodies. Each of us has different genetics, lifestyles, eating habits and this results in a unique symptom presentation. If there is a common thread, it’s that we don’t feel 100%, something feels off, we don’t feel like ourselves anymore. 


Functional Nutrition does the necessary investigative work to uncover the root causes of symptoms and creates individualized protocols to address those health concerns that leave us feeling less than our best with the ultimate goal of achieving wellness.

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"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food"


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Hello! Welcome to The Regenerative Road. I’m excited to share this second chapter of my life with you.


In the first chapter of my life I worked for 32 years in Corporate America in the Consumer Product Goods Industry selling everything from hot dogs to organic oatmeal to various retailers all across the United States. It feels like I’ve almost sold every food item you can find in the grocery store! My adult life, quite literally, has been spent in grocery stores connected with food. 


All this abruptly changed...

About Me
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